• Blusec Unlocker

    Provides security when you need it!


Blusec Unlocker – Be secure!

Provides security when you need it!

Blusec Unlocker is designed for you, if you are tired of entering password every time you open your phone, but still want your phone to be safe. Phone detects if you are in safe location or not. Depending on a location locks or unlocks your phone.

  • Convenient

    Phone automatically detects your location and unlocks or locks your phone. It depends if the network or device you are connected to is trusted or not.

  • Easy to set up

    Just follow few simple steps and you are under Blusec protection! Everything is automatic so you don’t have to worry about turning application on and off.

  • Provides security when you need it

    Why do you need a password at home, office or in a car while driving? Blusec unlocker makes sure you don’t have to enter your password ever again in locations you trust.

  • Supports Android phones and tablets

    Application supports Android based phones and tablets so both of your devices are protected.

  • Works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

    Blusec Unlocker works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you have wide variety of networks and devices to choose from.